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Flood Zones Nova Scotia

Check with local authorities to determine if your home is in a flood-risk zone. If it is, check with local building officials. Higher standards than those set by national agencies have been adopted by many communities.

The NSCC(Nova Scotia Community College) and AGRG(Applied Geomatics Research Group) have developed a web tool that can predict coastal flooding in Nova Scotia down to the metre.

Link below to access the tool.

Link below to access documentation on how to use the tool.

Improperly designed grading and drainage may aggravate flood hazards to buildings and cause runoff, soil erosion and sedimentation in the zones of lower flood risk. In these locations, local agencies may regulate building elevations above street or sewer levels.

Floodplain maps help to identify areas that may be at risk of flooding during severe storms. Flood maps are critical tools for informing communities about their flood risk and supporting flood management discussions that involve the public.

Providing communities with floodplain maps that accurately reflect flood hazards can help people make informed decisions about flood and emergency preparedness such as evacuation plans, flood-proofing property measures and insurance needs.

More Resources.

Government of Canada Emergency Preparedness Guide

Insurance Bureau of Canada – Water Disaster, Know What’s Covered

Flood Maps – All of Canada

Nova Scotia Flood Event Database 1992 to 2015

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