Warranty Inspection For Brand New Home Buyers

Don’t skip an inspection simply because the home is brand new!

A new home inspection is identical to any other inspection we would do on an older home. However because it is a brand new home we are more picky and detailed to the T. We pick on cosmetic issues, inoperative lighting fixtures and other items we would typically not call out on older homes because when you move into a brand new home, it is expected that it is just that – Brand New.

You waited quite sometime for the home to be built and in turn the home should reflect all the perks of being the first occupant.

Importantly again is that most home builders in Halifax and all of HRM Nova Scotia provide a one-year warranty with their homes to ensure it is free of defects at no extra costs to you within that year. Typically, during this period of time the buyer develops some sort of punch list of items for the contractor or builders to repair under the warranty coverage. Many defects are not be obvious to the untrained eye and you should hire a professional home inspector.

We recommend two inspections within this warranty period. First one before moving in or within thirty days of possession to make sure everything operates as they should. The second at the 11th month to take full advantage of your warranty before it expires . The outcome of both inspections will form a chunk of the items that should be presented to your builder for revision alongside those you have picked on. A lot can happen in eleven months and some problems will only become apparent as the home’s systems and components get regular use.

Once the warranty year elapses, any items to fix or repair will typically be your financial responsibility. It is therefore wise and smart to us inspect your home before your new home warranty expires.

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Home Inspection Process

We will take some information to prepare for your inspection like your name, email and the inspection site address. Your inspection is then booked on your requested date and time.

We email you our home inspection agreement 24 hours before the inspection. You read through, understand, follow the instructions in the email and sign the home inspection agreement all online before the inspection

We show up at least 30 – 45 mins early. Notify occupants of our arrival. Get the roof inspection out of the way. Welcome and invite you to join us when you arrive.

We provide you with a summary.

Hand you our home seller inspection package.

Within 6 hrs and generally less, we send your detailed report with pictures and videos where applicable alongside a home owner manual and other documents specific only to turn key homes inspection in HRM Nova Scotia

We keep in touch via email and highly recommend you subscribe to our bi-weekly home maintenance newsletters which helps you keep your home in pristine condition.

Call or email us anytime should you have any questions we may be able to help with.