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WETT Inspection for Solid Fuel Burning Appliances

WETT stands for wood energy technology transfer.

Many insurance companies require a WETT inspection of your wood burning appliance for use coverage. It is beneficial to add this to your general home inspection if you intend to use the wood stove, pellet stove, wood fireplace and any solid fuel burning heating appliance.

The use of any solid fuel burning appliance comes with the risk of fires, Carbon monoxide poisoning, however these risks can be mitigated and controlled with regular professional inspection, maintenance and adopting solid fuel burning appliance best practices.

The WETT certified inspector will conduct an inspection of your appliance using WETT recommended Inspection checklist for Halifax Nova Scotia.

Fully insured and certified.

You, your family and your realtor(s) are all protected. Nothing beats hiring a home inspector certified and trained by the world's largest home inspector association.

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Work Process

We will take some information to prepare for your inspection like your name, email and the inspection site address. Your inspection is then booked on your requested date and time.

We email you our WETT inspection agreement. You follow the instructions in the email, read and sign your agreement all online and paperless

The WETT inspector shows up and performs an inspection of your appliance using WETT NS recommended checklist for Halifax Nova Scotia. This typically takes about 1 hr.

Your WETT inspection report is sent to you via email.

We keep in touch via email and highly recommend you read our bi-weekly home maintenance newsletters which helps you keep your home in pristine condition.