During a public Radon awareness session held by the ANNS and facilitated by our inspector, Michael Martins U. on 20th June 2020, untrue statements and claims were made about the company and how it does business that hurt the business and our inspector in a public domain with about 68 unknown attendees.

We are using to medium to reach out to the attendees and general public that these statements were inaccurate and may have been intentioned to hurt the business and our home inspector

This matter was mediated and interceded by the ANNS, respectable friends and family of the business. The company decided against further action and accepted the attached public apology letter as an extension of an olive branch.

We encourage all well meaning clients and prospective clients to disregard any unfounded rumours and stories that negatively characterize our business and employees.

Thank you for choosing Acetech Home Inspections and as always we are committed to providing value beyond ordinary home inspections.

Schedule your home inspection today and experience true commitment to value, quality and service.

Michael Martins U.
On behalf of Acetech Home Inspections Inc.



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